Info about duo FriBerg

duo FriBerg is one of the most exciting young ensembles in Sweden today. duo FriBerg was founded in 2003 during the contest of “Smålandssolisten” final week. The two musicians in the duo wanted to see what you could do in an ensemble for percussion and saxophone and discovered to their delight that there were no limits.

duo FriBerg consists of Joakim Berg, marimba/ percussion and Per Friman, saxophones.

The ensemble would like to elaborate the music for marimba, percussion and saxophone mostly because the young musicians find a pleasure in playing but they also hope it will become a part of their professional careers. The combination of marimba and saxophone has turned out to be quite outstanding. Both instruments have great potential in regards to pitch and nuance and they complement each other quite agreeably.

The duo has throughout the years accomplished a number of concerts and productions. You can for example mention a live lunch concert on Swedish Radio P2, recording for the recording company NAXOS, participation in, Young and Promising 2007, arranged by The Swedish Chamber Association and a great number of tours and separate concerts all over the country.

The duo is very devoted on developing the repertoire for percussion and saxophone and has so far got pieces written for them by Andrea Lindberg Tarrodi and Tobias Broström and always likes to get in contact with other composers..

In October 2008 the duo released their first CD-album “The Sound of duo FriBerg” which shows duo FriBerg´s wide repertoire.

duo FriBerg´s concept is to offer its listeners a colourful firework display both musically and visually which they probably haven´t experienced before. The music is supposed to be a mixture of new and old and it may hopefully be easy to listen to. Do not hesitate to visit one of duo FriBerg`sconcerts or contact us if you would like to book duo FriBerg.

duo FriBerg